THATfish Website Restored

After many months of being buried in superfluous work, my website is restored. With my new business and the extra work that entailed, I’ve decided to get things back on track.

What’s Returned

Most of the content that was originally in the site will be restored and made available once again. The limited educational material posted before seemed to get a fair amount of traffic, and thus was obviously beneficial to folks out there. Perhaps it will get a makeover or an expansion.

What’s Coming

While the site was originally intended to be just about film and film production, I’ve expanded on those fronts with other sites and so now with my personal site I’ll┬átry and share some of the information that needs to be out there regarding ideologies, world views, politics, religion, and so on. These are indeed tough topics and I know I’ll receive some kickback from it. But there is truth out there… absolute truth that must be shared and as a believer in Christ, it’s my duty and responsibility to make it available.

I would also like to see some visitor involvement on the site for comments and such. Should be easy to manage since I’ve never had a great number of visitors anyway.

New Topics

As I expand my interests, I may post information on various other topics including mostly computer and IT management information. Perhaps that will draw a few people as well.

Thanks for visiting the new site and here’s to trying to make it a little more frequently updated.