Filmmaker Training

Every film specialty, be it recording sound, writing, directing, cinematography, editing, or the numerous other tasks involved requires extensive training to gain proficiency. This can be daunting for the beginning filmmaker as they typically need to achieve at least a minimal understanding of each of the disciplines to complete even a modest project. Gaining that initial foothold is key to starting you on your way. These filmmaker training pages will provide you with some basic understanding of some of the key fields in film development and production.


Cinematography, the “writing of motion,” is a critical element in film production. Learn the basics of working with the camera to get more professional visuals.


Exposure controls the amount of light entering your camera. By keeping your image within the capabilities of your equipment means you have more control in post production. Learn how to properly expose your video to maximize visual quality.

Sound & Audio

Sound and Audio are critical elements of a film, so don’t skimp on them. Learn some important basics for improving the audio in your films.

The Camera

Most of the visuals in your film will come from the light entering your camera. Make sure it looks good.