There is no higher purpose than to serve the Lord, thus the mission and vision of THATfish. Nothing here on earth or anywhere in the universe has a greater meaning than the love that God has for us. No earthly wisdom, no amount of knowledge will ever compare to the incredible, or terrifying thought of living forever. Therefore, THATfish exists to further the kingdom of God and sharing the powerful message of His Son Jesus Christ.

Making a Difference

It is my goal to share the love and sacrifice that Jesus made so that we might live with a world that spends so much time absorbing media. If that time can be harnessed viewing God-honoring films and other content, then there is an opportunity to make a difference in the life of someone who is struggling, searching, or losing hope. Films and other technology allow us to reach a vast number of people that we would never meet otherwise, people who need God desperately, people who we can reach.

Through Talent

God has given us the talents needed to accomplish this goal. Though film making is a continuous learning experience, the time has come to create incredible stories and images that will bring people to an understanding of their worth in God’s sight.

The world is now saturated in technology and media, but God has big plans for it and you to step in. You may be the next writer, director, screen writer, programmer, graphic artist, tech guru, or media expert who will make a difference to those who are lost. Let us focus our efforts on our calling to share the gospel in whatever talents we have been given. May God encourage your walk with Him and your path of serving His kingdom. Let us as Christians make our mission and vision those of Jesus Christ.

Be blessed in your service of our Lord.